Upcoming and finished courses (selected classes):

Online STEM ROBOT Class in September, 2017

Jiangmen STEM Education Summer Classes in August, 2017

Summer Classes 2017 offered at Hong Kong University  on 3 & 4 July and there were about 40 students participating in the Maker workshop.  These include students from St. Paul co-education school as well as some visiting students from Italy.

8 November 2016 at Hong Kong University for Secondary Schools Students

  • Biped Armor Bot
    Biped Armor Bot

New classes are offering in various countries, please check with us on availability.

Courses materials including:

01. AssembleGuide

02. Arduino Programming

03.Walking Robot

04. Dancing Robot

3D Printing


robot_base pack

If you are interested to offer at your school or attend this STEM robot class, please contact us at or whatsapp:+852 90225938